AlbAlb was born out of passion for art and design. We want to bring the creations of Romanian designers and artists closer to the audience that appreciates beauty and creativity. We love the stories and the passion behind the objects and we are eager to share them with you!

As we believe in the need to develop a community around art and design, we often organize events, courses and creative workshops. History of art, film history, acting, porcelain painting, etiquette are some of the themes that we propose to you, so that you can unwind and learn something new.

The story behind our name

AlbAlb is a word game meant to convey the creative and playful spirit of the project. White is considered both a non-color and the color that shows when all primary colors are mixing. Likewise, at AlbAlb we are a mixture of different sources of creativity and provide an exhibition background for all the other colors. We chose to repeat the word white to suggest that AlbAlb is both about objects and the encounter between people.

The AlbAlb House

AlbAlb operates in a villa from the interwar period, in the Dorobanti Square area, with a privileged position to the George Călinescu Park. The ground floor is occupied by the store, while the room for classes and workshops is upstairs.


Live passionately and enjoy the creativity around you!