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We want to develop a community of art and design lovers. But we know that sometimes there is a need for an extra incentive to follow your passions. Therefore, whenever you attend a course, you will be rewarded with points on your AlbAlb Club membership card. Accumulated points will bring you discounts on future courses.

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At 4 accumulated points you can opt for a 15% discount on the cost of a new course.

At 8 accumulated points you can opt for a 25% discount on the cost of a new course.

At 10 accumulated points you can opt for a 25% discount on the cost of a new course.

In addition, regardless of the number of points accumulated, members of the AlbAlb Club receive invitations to private events at the AlbAlb store.

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You will receive your AlbAlb Club membership card on participation in your first course at the AlbAlb Club.

At each 2-hour course, you get 1 sticker on your AlbAlb Club membership card, which is equivalent to accumulating one point.

In the case of workshops longer than 2 hours, you get a sticker for every 2 hours of the workshop.

Please read the AlbAlb Club loyalty campaign policy.